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Toshiba Nemio 20

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The Toshiba Nemio 20 is a compact grayscale ultrasound imaging machine with a color Doppler and a wide array of transducers for high quality image generation. The system includes a digital beamformer, Read and Write Zoom and iTouch™ customizable console for increased diagnostic efficiency. Programmable pop-up menus and screen layouts, as well as images produced through B-Mode, 2D/M-Mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler and PW Doppler modes are displayed on the ultrasound machine's 14-inch Color CRT monitor. With ergonomic design and a highly scalable platform, the Toshiba Nemio 20 is an efficient, easy-to-use ultrasound machine adaptable to a larger range of clinical diagnostic needs. The Toshiba Nemio 20 ultrasound system is used in OB/Gyn, Vascular, Cardiovascular and Urology applications.


  • B-Mode
  • 2D/M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Power Doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • 14” Color CRT monitor
  • iTouch™ customizable console
  • Programmable pop-up menus, screen layouts
  • 16 programmable presets
  • User programmable measurements
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • DMU (Data Management Unit)
  • Read and Write Zoom
  • Cine memory
  • Magneto-optical disk
  • PSP (Parallel Signal Processing)
  • Fully digital continuous beamformer


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