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Siemens Sonoline G40

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The Siemens SONOLINE G40 is a lightweight, portable ultrasound machine with Color Doppler and PW Doppler high quality imaging capabilities. Images are instantly enhanced through TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology. The system's Virtual Format Imaging feature provides more detailed anatomic information for more extensive diagnosis. Ergonomically designed with a wrist support and a full QWERTY keyboard, the ultrasound system also contains an intuitive user interface and standard SONOLINE control panel for more convenience. The Siemens SONOLINE G40 ultrasound machine is used in Urology and General imaging applications.


  • 2D
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler Velocity mode
  • Power Doppler mode
  • PW spectral Doppler mode
  • Duplex mode
  • Triplex mode
  • High resolution 15” monitor
  • DICOM connectivity option
  • wrist support and full QWERTY keyboard
  • SuppleFlex
  • DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation
  • TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology
  • Virtual Format Imaging
  • C5-2
  • EC 9-4
  • S-VHS recorder
  • Color printer
  • Black and white printer

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